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Step Into Summer - Closet Clean-Out!

Peace With Pieces

Step into the most Confident and Courageous version of yourself. Finding the right clothes that accent your body type will no longer be a problem with these time & money saving tips.

Challenge Begins July 16, 2021

July 16, 19 - 23, 2021

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  • "My closet is full, but I have nothing to wear!"

  • "My closet has unworn clothes with tag attached!"

  • "My closet is unorganized, messy and causes me anxiety!"

  • "My closet is packed with items that are too big or too small!"

  • "My closet has no room in it for me to get ready!"

Sound Familiar?

Get Ready to Find Peace with Pieces!

What's Inside the Challenge


Learn how to look at what you have, what you love & what you are ready to lose.


Getting started is the hardest part, but our daily challenges will help you learn how to purge confidently with no regrets.

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Each day you'll have an opportunity to ask questions during our daily LIVES.

Here is what to Expect
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Imagine if you could walk into a perfect Closet? Your perfect Closet. Peacefully dressing into a head-to-toe look that will complement who you are and help you perform at your best.


On Day One, you will learn how to identify your daily lifestyle and what it has to do with your wardrobe.  Without this step, chances are you will NEVER have an organized closet full of workable pieces.  Your days will continue to begin stressful. Today's challenge will transform the way your day/week will begin. 



Before any successful project begins there is always a little Prep Work.  Having a clear plan will ensure that this week is a huge success.

On Day Two, You'll implement a system that dramatically helps you to develop a clear and attainable direction with your wardrobe cleanse. Today's challenge will help make the next five days easier to process.

Day Two will fall on Saturday. Day Three will begin on Monday


What if there was an easy way to determine what will stay and what goes for now?


On Day Three, you will learn exactly how to determine what will stay in the closet an what to do with what will go. (Right now, not forever)

This day will impact you so much that you may want to STOP - because you feel so FREE - but we wont. 


It will not matter if you have a closet full of clothes if you are not wearing them. The wrong clothes are just the wrong clothes.


What is there is a way to know how to properly clean out your closet?

Over the next five days we will look at what you have, what you love and what you are ready to lose. 

The next Five Days, you'll learn my secret strategy on creating Peace with Pieces.  So you know exactly what items best service you and what you need to discard.  I promise it wont hurt a bit.


Now that you know what works best for your life style,  it's time to finish & celebrate our success. Congratulations your have found Peace with Pieces.!!!


The End of the Challenge, you'll start to align your closet with what you've learned from the challenge. You'll quickly determine what should stay and what should go!  Next step - what to do with pieces you no longer want to keep?

What does lifestyle have to do with my closet?

Let the Cleanse Begin!

Let's Finish Up!

Where do I begin? 

What You'll Need to Prepare the Closet!

If  we  haven't  met,  I'm Terry...

As a young girl I was never taught how to dress and I had zero confidence or self esteem in that area. Fast forward - I landed my first real job in the early 80's. Although I had the technical skills that qualified me I now found myself in uncharted territory. I was going to be training and teaching - On Stage - in front of large audiences. How was this to happen with no self-esteem or confidence in my appearance?


Fortunately, my new boss insisted that we go shopping. Insisted that dressing correctly is a easy process. That one shopping trip changed me from the inside to out. Truly creating the Confidence and Respect I needed.


Once you identify few things about yourself- Dressing for Success will defiantly give you the courage to conquer anything you set your mind to.


Style is a skill that can be taught to anyone and I LOVE teaching it!

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