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September 19-23, 2022

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  • You got dressed  and  arrived to work and now you  are wonder  "What was I thinking? 

  • Your day began with  complete and utter chaos 

  • You are settling on wearing something that kind of, sorta works , but didn't make you feel very comfortable or confident?  

  • Your wardrobe is not well-organized  

Sound Familiar?

Get Ready to Change Your Life!

What's Inside the Masterclass


Learn how to save time and keep from making groggy morning style blunders. 


Getting started is the hardest part, but our daily challenges will help you learn how to move forward in transforming your daily routine.

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Each day you'll have an opportunity to ask questions during our daily LIVES.

Here is what to Expect
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Here's the thing, no matter how great someone's style is, if you are wearing clothes that don't properly fit - it won't matter. Your style won't be seen - just the terrible fit of the clothes.


On Day One, you'll learn my how to determine your body type so you know exactly what clothing will bring out your best features.

Imagine if you could walk into your closet and build the perfect head-to-toe look that will complement who you are and help you perform at your best?


Discover your wardrobe priorities by creating a lifestyle wardrobe. This is the workshop that helps you determine what represents you clearly.


On Day Two, this is where the style fun begins. You'll implement a system that dramatically helps you to develop a clear and attainable direction with your wardrobe.


Today, we are going to organize your closet. Remember, we are not going to do a full closet clean out  (that happens later this year). 


On Day Three, you will organize and create a system where it is easy to find pieces therefore making it easier to create outfits.


It will not matter if you know your style if you are not planning ahead. You will still find yourself frustrated when it comes to getting dressed.

On Day Four, you'll learn my daily strategy on determining how to plan  outfits in advance.






Do you over buy? Realizing the cost per wear is so helpful in evaluating purchases, seeing patterns in purchasing and defining value.


On Day 5, you'll learn how to determine your cost per wear.  By tracking your cost you can start see the true value of your wardrobe.

Getting Real with Your Body

How to Plan Your Day

  Let's Talk About Your Closet Now

Create Your Life Style Wardrobe

What does your wardrobe cost? 

If  we  haven't  met,  I'm Terry...

As a young girl I was never taught how to dress and I had zero confidence or self esteem in that area. Fast forward - I landed my first real job in the early 80's. Although I had the technical skills that qualified me I now found myself in uncharted territory. I was going to be training and teaching - On Stage - in front of large audiences. How was this to happen with no self-esteem or confidence in my appearance?


Fortunately, my new boss insisted that we go shopping. Insisted that dressing correctly is a easy process. That one shopping trip changed me from the inside to out. Truly creating the Confidence and Respect I needed.


Once you identify few things about yourself- Dressing for Success will defiantly give you the courage to conquer anything you set your mind to.


Style is a skill that can be taught to anyone and I LOVE teaching it!


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