Fashion With Purpose -VIP
 Style & Image Confidence Program  
 One on One Personal Coaching Sessions 
Two Bonuses  ** Included this Month **

#1 Wardrobe Evaluation and Closet Styling 
What to do with your (current season) closet now?
# 2 Personal Shopping  - Filling in the closet holes. 

Fully develop your own personal style with Stylist, Terry Moon, during this private &  personalized Custom Style Program. We will work together where you will learn...

  • How to dress and accessorize for your specific body shape and frame.

  • What colors and styles look best.

  • Identify your body type so you will never wonder again what to choose when it comes to clothes.

  • Discovery your own signature style verses trying to copy someone else.

  • How to confidently choose outfits from your closet each morning.

  • Learn how to put together a dreamboat wardrobe for each season.


What you can expect:

Our sessions together will be an amazing discovery into you and direction on how you want to Show Up!

  • Personal Style Discovery, this is the beginning of style confidence. We will together find YOUR personal style  - We will discover your unique style characteristics and style words to create the ultimate Style Personality.  

  • Color Analysis, we will together determine your very best clothing colors and WHY it matters.  What your Pop colors are and what are the best neutrals for your skin tone.  Then we will go to accessories - Gold or Silver? This is this first step to confidently knowing you shine when you step into a room. 

  • Body Shape Confidence - lets face it your personality is not the first thing people see.  In this training I will teach you how to identify your body and the best way to dress it. What is your best pair of jeans, bathing suit, dresses, necklines and so much more. 

  • "Frame Evaluation"- every wonder why some prints look better on others? Or some prints tend to wear the body.  In this course you will get a clear understanding on what size prints and accessories will work with your body frame.

  • "Closet Audit" - (BONUS) learn How to put together your very own dreamboat closets. We will evaluate your current wardrobe together.  Pull together a wardrobe that completely works for your current lifestyle. (Value: $1295.00)

  • "Personal Shopping" (BONUS ) - this will be a field trip to review what we have worked together on as far as your signature style. Confirm that you are confident with your shopping ability and fill in the holes in your wardrobe. (Value: $ 500.00)


  • One on One in person training with Terry 

  • Complete access to Terry via text or email. You will really appreciate this when you begin to cleanse your closet or go shopping.

  • E-book to keep with everything unique to you and your style.

  • Fashion Personality tips for where to shop.

  • A complete set of personalized Online Color Swatches for you to download and take  shopping.

  • Other Fashion and Styling advice to help you look your very best!

  • Bonus WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR CLOSET NOW !!!  Wardrobe & Closet Styling 

  • Bonus PERSONAL SHOPPING    - Fill in the  holes in your closet.                                          


 The  VIP Personal Styling Package (a $ 2500.00 Value) includes the exclusive  Closet Bonus & Personal Shopping Trip.

Special  -  Offer  - $ 497 - 


How much are you spending on clothes you will never wear?

Show up Like the Stylish Woman You Are!  


I'm So Ready!