Ultimate Style Experience

Are you ready to turn heads as a fashionista?

Are you ready to make an impression of high Value & Style to family, friends, peers and clients?

The Ultimate Style Experience is for you! Your Style Package includes:

  • Personal Style & Image Boot Camp

  • Wardrobe & Closet Edit (Current Season)

  • Personal Shopping

  • 3 Months Support & Private Online Platform



Fully develop your own personal style with Terry Moon, Stylist during your private personalized Custom Style Analysis. She will provide you with the best colors to wear and teach you how to dress and accessorize for your specific body shape and frame size.

Your Personal Style & Image Bootcamp

What you can expect:

Our sessions together will be an amazing discovery into you and direction on how you want to Show Up in 2021!

- Personal Style Analysis, how to find YOUR personal style 

- Color Analysis to determine your very best clothing colors and WHY it matters

- Body Shape Analysis to determine what styles to wear 

- "Frame" Analysis to determine you best types of accessories for your frame

- Discover you Fashion Personality and tips for where to shop

- A complete set of personalized Online Color Swatches for you to download and take 


- Other Fashion and Styling advice to help you look your very best!

This Fashion Course, is all Live via Zoom. We will have four - one hour consecutive  -Live sessions. I want to keep your safe as possible and I promise it is like I am right in front of you.  If you  are only interested in one on one contact me so I can put you on a wait list.

Closet Audit & Wardrobe Cleanse

Unlock your signature look and take control of your closet using your lifestyle, activities, style personality, color code, current clothing and body type as your guide. I will assist you though this difficult decision regarding what to keep and what to let go.  Make solid choices on what to wear today and what to by tomorrow, and enjoy the confidence you will feel from embracing your style personality!

What you can expect:

  • Closet purges (In Person or Virtual Purge) - including closet organization

  • I will create new looks out of what you already own using YOUR personal style 

  • From there, I will shop for items that will fill in the gaps. I will create your very own electronic look-book with outfits curated right from your closet.

  • In person Shopping (shopping days designed for you, if desired)

  •  Ongoing Unlimited Virtual Style Support:

    • Includes: Virtual Shopping & Styling plus unlimited email and text support

  • Throughout this process you’ll have access to me so you can run things by me and for other style support.

  • This program will take up to 90-days to complete. 

Personal Shopping- Virtual & In-Person

We will use your color and body shape analysis from your personal style course to buy clothes in the colors and styles that flatter your features. Sticking to a budget? No problem.

Save money an time dressing going forward because you learn the following:

  • How to shop and avoid clothing purchases you will regret because it isn't the best style for you.

  • What looks good on your and what doesn't

  • Why certain details make you look slimmer or more balanced 


My easy-to-use, online platform allows me to be in your closet, provide personal shopping and provide looks just for you. All in one spot! Your online closet is where you can upload photos of your clothing and accessories. This is where my specific shopping recommendation live. I can add the items that I feel best suit you, along with comments about why I picked each item and how it works back to your existing pieces.  You can simple click the photo to purchase any item.  Included will be a online LookBook  where I can pull together photos of your existing items plus any new purchases to create fully-styled outfits. 

Investing into yourself and your confidence is the best investment that you can make for yourself. It will motivate you to go out and accomplish what you were purposed for. 


It's time to invest in yourself and your image.

The Road to Fashionista is Here 

Investment: $ 2500.00 

Payment Plans Available